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GVA #7 – Krawatencross, Lille

I never would have thought that I would talk to a fellow Hungarian on the podium of a cyclocross race in Belgium but that’s exactly what happened today. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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GVA #6 – GP Sven Nys, Baal

Hello 2012! It was going to be an interesting day as Zdenek Stybar was about to reveal his new team kit and his new Specialized bike and BKCP was also due to switch to Colnagos. There were some rumors that the Landbouwkrediet team might change to Scott bikes, but either misunderstood something or the deal […]

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GVA #4 – GP Rouwmoer

What a day! Great racing, great weather, great course and mud, finally! It’s all summed up in this couple of words but there is more to it, of course.

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GVA #3 – Hasselt

This was the second race this year in this area – the first being Zonhoven just a couple of weeks ago. The morning greeted us in Nieuwpoort with an almost impenetrable fog, but as soon as we left Brussels, it eased up and the sun started to shine – another sunny race, great…

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GVA #2 – Ronse

Single-race weekends are not easy – it doesn’t make sense to make into a multi-day trip, so after the race, I have to drive back to London. That being said, I really liked the course at Ronse. It’s a reasonably new course and it is a great one.

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GVA #1 – Koppenberg

The famous Koppenberg. They say you can make a challenging cyclo-cross on a molehill (see the Roubaix World Cup course), but the Koppenberg is in a different league. The course takes you up (and down and then up again and then down) the famous hill – loads of climbing and even when it’s not raining, […]

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