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Superprestige #3 – Hamme-Zogge

All good come to those who wait. Zdenek Stybar waited for his first big win quite a lot. He has always been there, he rarely missed the podium and yet, he was always outpowered by someone. Whether the intense road season had taken its toll or he just couldn’t find his rhythm remains unclear, however […]

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Fidea Classics #2 – Niel

Today was Armistice Day, that commemorates the end of the First World War. It was a national holiday here, in Belgium, so it was the perfect opportunity for a ‘cross race! To cheer the masses further up, the weather was wonderful, again, which was rather disappointing from my point of view. I find it very […]

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GVA #2 – Ronse

Single-race weekends are not easy – it doesn’t make sense to make into a multi-day trip, so after the race, I have to drive back to London. That being said, I really liked the course at Ronse. It’s a reasonably new course and it is a great one.

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GVA #1 – Koppenberg

The famous Koppenberg. They say you can make a challenging cyclo-cross on a molehill (see the Roubaix World Cup course), but the Koppenberg is in a different league. The course takes you up (and down and then up again and then down) the famous hill – loads of climbing and even when it’s not raining, […]

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Superprestige #2 – Zonhoven

I hadn’t known much about Zonhoven before I got here, but when I started to recce the course in the morning, the horribly steep and sandy descents did ring a bell. Even looking at them was scary, let alone the thought of people coming down on them, at race speed. I didn’t have to wait […]

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World Cup #2 – Tabor

It feels wrong to complain about good weather but cyclo-cross and sunshine just don’t go together – but it’s a very convenient condition to take pictures in. However, luck shone us as clouds started to cover the sky but it didn’t rain. It was almost perfect: you get the benefit of dramatic backgrounds but you […]

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World Cup #2 – Tabor Official Training

The unusually sunny weather continues! It’s the second consecutive weekend this cross season when it’s sunny and almost warm – it’s easy to take photos but I do miss the rain and other adversaries from a photography point of view: it’s much easier to take dramatic photos when it’s pissing down and the mud is […]

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World Cup #1 – Plzen

Sunshine isn’t normally the dominant weather at cyclo-cross races, but that was the case on Sunday, at the first round of the cyclo-cross World Cup in Plzen, Czech Republic. It was another great weekend with brilliant racing, though

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Superprestige #1 – Ruddervoorde

What a day! It started devilishly early (3am) and I only got back just now (almost 24 hours later). But I don’t want to complain as it was an excellent day! My colleague, Paddy came along with me for the journey and his help proved invaluable – not only was he taking care of the […]

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Crossvegas – all photos

It took me some time to put together the final edit of the photos from Crossvegas, but they are finally here. You can also check out my non-Crossvegas related photos of the week I spent in the US at my flickr account.

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