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The first UCI Downhill World Cup from Maribor, Slovenia

During the last year and half, I have photographed quite a few disciplines of cycling but downhill is quite special, as I realised yesterday. You don’t have multiple chances to take photos of them on the day of the race, you need to arrive earlier and photograph them during qualifiers, etc. It’s not enough to […]

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Steve Peat and the almost-crash in Maribor

They say that the life of a good sports photographer depends on three things: 33 per cent skills, 33 per cent gear and 33 per cent luck. Well, I got lucky yesterday, during the downhill finals. You need luck because you cannot anticipate out of the ordinary things during a race and oftentimes, you can […]

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Steve Peat blasts through the rocks

Just a quick one from this morning’s practice runs. Steve Peat at the trickiest part of the course. The downhill finals will start in 45 minutes, first the women and then the men. More to come soon. Steve Peat.

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Downhill qualifications – and some more mud and rain.

Honestly, I thought I was prepared for rain. But this is beyond everything I’ve ever seen before. Worse than any cyclo-cross race. According to other photogs, we’ll see 40mm rain today. One aspect of downhill races I truely hate is the ski lifts: being afraid of heights, every ride up to the top of the […]

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Rain, rain, some more rain and mud

If I need to sum up the situation in a couple of word, I’d use the words above. The photos was taken around the middle of the course, it shows the overall conditions. Which aren’t nice. I”m off to the course to cover the qualifiers – and to be exposed to some more rain.

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Arrived in Maribor

After a moderately long flight and a definitely way too long train ride (almost three hours to cover 127 kilometers), I arrived in Maribor last night. The weather was nice but it all changed overnight. Now it’s pissing down so it will be a challenging day – both for the riders and for us. I’m […]

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