2019 Superprestige #7 – Hoogstraten Photo Gallery

2019 Superprestige #7 – Hoogstraten Photo Gallery

First, you have the season start. You’re all excited and keen. Then the season slogs on, you grumble about the weekends with the impossible travel requirements (I’m looking at you, Tabor/Hamme!). Then, it’s suddenly Christmas and the busiest and most fun week of the year and the Worlds is only a little bit further away.

And then, all of the sudden, the season is over. I have no idea where the last five months have gone. But this is the end, at least for this season. It’s been a lot of fun, as always. Thank you for coming back and visiting my galleries, enjoying (hopefully) my photos, thanks for being part of this community. Don’t forget, the Kickstarter campaign is still on, it finishes a week on Monday – I still need your help to make it happen!


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