2019 World Cup #8 – Pont-Chateau

2019 World Cup #8 – Pont-Chateau

I liked shooting the European Cyclocross Championships in Pont-Chateau back in 2016 and shooting the World Cup today was no different. What’s not to like? A well laid out course, not very technical, but incredibly fast. It is laid out in a way that from almost any given point, you can easily walk to another one and see more action.

Not that the French spectators need any encouragement to wander – one of my favourite things about races in France is that the locals ALWAYS move around and go where the action is. That makes my life easier but it also helps, if you don’t have 20 000 people attending the race, but you still want it to look good.

Oh, and the final good thing about it is the food – they serve a proper lunch at a tent, with a starter, a main and a dessert! It’s all pretty impressive, considering that they are cooking for a couple of hundred people.

I’m heading back now home and I can barely believe that it’s nearly time for the World Championships! And the kickstarter campaign for the 2018/2019 album is coming very soon, but more on that later…


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    That was one very good worldcup! Both races that were broadcasted have been a pleasure. By the way, when does the UCI start broadcasting the juniors and U23 races as well? It is a shame you can only read about it or hear it from the commentators during the womens race…

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