2018 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #6 – GP Sven Nys

2018 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #6 – GP Sven Nys

I wanted to watch today’s race on the TV, but then we ended up going out for lunch, maybe the last one before the boy finally arrives. I’m quietly pondering whether I should get dessert or not, when good friend and Head of Mischief, Brook Watts messaged me, asking if I was watching the race. ‘I’m not’, I replied, and then asked why. No answer, so I thought it was just a throwaway comment.

Little did I know that he prepared the ‘motorhome’ treatment, similar to what we cooked up for Dan Seaton a few years back. The 2016 edition of this race was the first without Dan, who moved back to the US after a long stint in Brussels and we thought the best way to commemorate this was to create a ‘Dan Seaton Motorhomes’ sign, with the intention to show it somewhere along the course. Brook learnt about my plan and he was game, he helped me to make it happen. This is what it looked like:

So, after all this, this is what I saw today on the replay of the race:

As Brook would say – what a hoot!

I hope you all enjoyed Gergely Schoff’s photos over the festive period. Thanks again for his hard work and don’t forget to give him a follow on Instagram.

Normal service resumes in Pontchateau – and I might even pop over to Gravesend for the British Nationals.

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    Lots of things were going on in todays races. We were surprised by the lack of participants and also by the few people which were actually attending the women‘s race. The crowd was much less compared to previous women‘s races. The men‘s race definitely was something special, not in terms of the podium result, but taking all the tumbles and mechanicals into account, it was another demontration of supremacy.

    I was punching the air sitting on the sofa, when Kevin Pauwels even made it to 5th place in a „Saganesque“ finish sprint with Corné van Kessel.
    If he really decides to retire soon, Cyclocross will be something else without him, as he always delivered in his very own manner since I watched my first race coverage a few years ago.

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