On missing Kerstweek for the first time

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at my desk at home – I’m not going to be at Namur tomorrow. Or any of the classic Kerstweek races, for that matter. The reason is very simple: we are expecting our first baby and the due date is too close for comfort. I don’t want to be in the deepest and darkest of Belgium, only to get the call that Katie’s water broke and I need to be back in England in an hour. So I decided to take some time off this Christmas and stay at home.

It will be strange, as I have spent all Christmases in the last ten years in Belgium and I haven’t missed a single race I was supposed to cover over the same period either. But I won’t leave you without great photos, a good friend of mine, Gergely Schoff, was kind enough to sacrifice Christmas with his family and he’ll be covering the next five races for me. He is a great photographer, he has worked for me in the past and delivered great stuff. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he brings back from these iconic races over the next week. I asked him to send me a few of his favourite photos (not just cycling), so check them out here or on his site (schoffgergely.com)and give him a follow on instagram, too.

Thanks for your support all year and normal service resumes in Pontchateau in January.