2018 World Cup #4 – Tabor

2018 World Cup #4 – Tabor

I didn’t know what was odd about today’s race (from a visual point of view). Then, during the medal ceremony of the elite men, I realised, that at no point in the season does the sun go down before the end of the last race. I guess we are that much further east, hence the lack of sun by 4pm.

It was a long day and it is far from over: I’m now heading down to Vienna, to hop on a plane tomorrow morning, in order to cover the next round of the DVV Verzekeringen Trofee in Hamme. Life is all fun and games.


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    Nice photos. Thank you for your visit and your fast post 🙂
    I am very lucky to see the picture of stroller with our baby (with national jersey in stroller). It is Marek Hruby and if you visit us again after 15 – 18 years I hope it will be a champion 😀

    Tom and Aja Hruby.

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