2018 Superprestige #3 – Ruddervoorde

2018 Superprestige #3 – Ruddervoorde

The press room at the Ruddervoorde Superprestige round used to be in a nearby school for years. Last year, it was moved next to the course, into a tent. In theory, that’s a great move, the problem is that the press tent is not heated, so after working on the photos over two hours, I’ve reached a point where I can barely type, I have so little control over my shaking fingers. Great day otherwise, first outing of the cold-weather gear.

I’m so cold that I’ll cut this short and run for the car, hoping that I’ll have some sensation in my body within 15-20 minutes. Next week will be a busy one, first Koppenbergcross on Thursday, then the European Champs on Sunday in the Netherlands.

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