2018 Superprestige #2 – Boom

2018 Superprestige #2 – Boom

Boom. As in tree in Flemish and NOT the sound of an explosion. But I do admit, it is a tempting coincidence. Today was a sunny and fun race, which was clearly overshadowed by tomorrow’s World Cup in Bern. Many opted to skip today’s race in order to be more fresh tomorrow in Switzerland. For that reason, I’m going to keep this short and sweet, but don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the action from Bern.


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    I second that Gregory!
    It also shows that Kim van de Steene was not in the lead from the very beginning which is good to know as the live race coverage of GCN started a bit too late. My girlfriend and I were wondering how she managed to get a fair gap to Cant and Arzuffi. Seems like the course was made for her. Let‘s see what she‘ll be able to achieve during the season. She‘s been on our map since her last years efforts where she made her way through almost the whole field of female starters several times, starting from one of the back rows.

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