2018 Cyclocross World Cup #2 – Jinglecross, Iowa City

2018 Cyclocross World Cup #2 – Jinglecross, Iowa City

I always try to be impartial. Though, what I do is rarely a matter of life or death and so I seldom face serious ethical dilemmas. Also, I very rarely, if ever, cheer on riders during races. You know, impartiality and all.

But today, I couldn’t help myself and I cheered on Kaitie Keough on her way to her first ever cyclocross World Cup win. I have seen her coming close to it so many times. In Valkenburg, in 2016. Or in Nommay, just a few months ago. She’d been banging on that door for a long time, and finally, she finished it off and beat a stellar field on course that was probably on par with more difficult Euro courses.

Back in January, in Nommay, while she was waiting for the podium ceremony, Kaitie walked up to me and she claimed that I was her good luck World Cup charm. Apparently, every time I spent some time photographing her warming up for a race, she did well in those races. This put me under a lot of pressure, at the Worlds in February, I made an effort to walk down to her camper van not to jinx a good result. It didn’t work then, and as I didn’t shoot her prior to the race today, I had to conclude that my good luck charm is over. But I’m very glad that she can with or without my help. May she keep that habit going for a long time.

My time over here is about to end, I’m heading back home tomorrow. After a brief break, normal service resumes on the 14th October, with the first round of the Superprestige series in Gieten.

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    Both winners of the world cup absolutely deserved being on top of the podium, but I can‘t help myself repeating that watching evie richards doing a cyclocross race is one of the best things since I watch cyclocross regularly. Her rousing manner to give it all from start to finish is second to none!

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