My other book – The Velofocus Women’s Cycling Road Book

My other book – The Velofocus Women’s Cycling Road Book

Today is Thursday, and this is a little #throwbackthursday story how Velofocus came to be. I started shooting women’s cycling back in 2015. I only covered the then-new World Tour races, but with my already busy cyclocross schedule, it felt like too much to do on my own – in that year, I was on the road for almost 200 days.

I knew that this one-man show is not sustainable in the long run, so I started thinking about teaming up with someone. After looking around and weighing up my options, I found only one person I could imagine teaming up with: Sean Robinson, who had been covering women’s cycling for years that point. After a hot and busy Giro Rosa, we sat down and started talking and thinking about joining forces. After a few months of ironing out the details, we decided to create a company, in which we both have equal stake. That is Velofocus.

We’ve worked together for over two years, when I suggested, that maybe we could produce a book about women’s road cycling like my books about cyclocross. After some deliberation, we went ahead with the plan and after a successful Kickstarter campaign, we’ve produced a book that we both were really proud of. You can check out the Velofocus 2017 Road Book here >>>

So, this year, we’re producing another book and the kickstarter campaign ends this week. You can check out all the details on the 2018 Velofocus Road book Kickstarter page >>>

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