2018 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #8 – Krawatencross, Lille

2018 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #8 – Krawatencross, Lille

If you’ve spotted me in the last few months out on a cyclocross course, chances are I was wearing a one-piece, green pair of fishing waders. These waders are a terrific piece of kit, they have kept me nice and dry over the months. But I’ve never really used them in water, where they were supposed to be used, just in thick and deep mud. Not until today.

The venue of Krawatencross is a beach resort during the summer, so there is a decent sized pond and the course essentially snakes around the pond. Even though the course wasn’t muddy, I chose to wear the waders with the intent of going into the water. Well, I did go into the water, it was very cold and… not much else. Nothings special, really, apart from the new angle me standing in the water afforded me.

I hope you like the new angle and enjoyed the sunshine just as much as I did. I’m now kicking back a little, tomorrow is the penultimate Superprestige race in Hoogstraten. More to come soon!

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