2018 World Cup #9 – Hoogerheide

2018 World Cup #9 – Hoogerheide

It’s Hoogerheide time, which means the last big race before the World Championships. As the fate of most World Cup overalls have already been sealed, it feels like Hoogerheide is a lot less about the actual racing and a lot more about Worlds punditry. The last big hurrah before the biggest race of the year and everybody is watching the others, trying to find out how it will play out come Saturday or Sunday. Mid-week, many riders visited the course to pre-ride it and everybody seemed to have liked it, but it is still an unknown quantity. It is going to be quite muddy and that makes the race an unknown quantity – the previous editions were held in more or less dry conditions.

I’m heading over on Thursday, so expect the first photos in the evening!

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