2018 DVV Verzekeringen #7 – GP Sven Nys

2018 DVV Verzekeringen #7 – GP Sven Nys

GP Sven Nys, which can mean only one thing: new year, new bikesand a new rain jacket. Knowing that I would be spending the Kerstperiod in Belgium, I packed our estate car almost to the brim – except for one thing: my trusty, €50 waterproof jacket I bought in Italy in July. I was lucky that my good friend, Thomas Sneyers had a Decathlon nearby and picked up another one for me.

The whole waterproof jacket thing is an interesting side-story. At the beginning of the last season, I invested into a rather expensive RAB waterproof jacket. I thought paying £200 means I would get a great jacket, that would keep me warm and dry for the years to come. Well, it hadn’t. I was standing in the rain in a car park somewhere in the Midlands last summer, waiting for the Women’s Tour stage to start, when the jacket started to let the water through. Tried to re-proof it, didn’t help. I sent it back and they agreed, that it was faulty. My conclusion is that it doesn’t make sense to invest into expensive clothing items, and they gets ruined quickly anyway. The new one, from Decathlon, has been holding up fine, but now, that I bought an identical one, I can have a ‘work jacket’ and a ‘home jacket’. At this point, I think I need to apologise for this totally inane train of thought.

It was rainy and mucky and thus perfect for cross. I hope you all had a nice New Year’s Day and had a chance to relax and prepare for 2018. My next race is going to be the Belgian Nationals in 2018, but stay tuned for news about the Kickstarter campaign for the 2017/2018 cyclocross album, it should land in the next couple of days!

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