2017 World Cup #7 – Zolder

2017 World Cup #7 – Zolder

I don’t remember very well the times when Christmas meant uninterrupted family time – starting shooting cyclocross coincided with moving to London, so I haven’t really had a proper Christmas since 2008. This (spending the better part of it in Belgium, working) is the new normal. It’s not a complaint, I was just thinking about this as I was driving this morning to Zolder.

As far as presents go, as far as I could see from the sidelines, the women’s race looked like the race of the year, so many amazing mini-stories crammed into one race. Really enjoyed it.

On my way to my Belgian base, to kick back a little, before Thursday’s Azencross race – see you in Loenhout!

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    At first, thanks a lot for the photos once again.

    The womens race was thrilling! Lucinda Brand is definitely adding something to cyclocross with her ardent style of racing. Too bad she didn’t make it on the podium this time. The mens race was also something to remember as one of those races you re-watch during off-season. Laurens Sweeck and Wout van Aert made us being on the edge of our seats several times until they finally reached the finish line. What a duel! Looking forward to the belgian championships in Koksijde. Worst thing in todays race was the very early crash of Kevin “Mr. Consistency” Pauwels, in one of the first corners. Going to the pits, then starting to race from the almost last position was rather disappointing, but he finally made it to the 12th position at the end! Where could he have been without the struggle during the first few seconds of todays race?

    P.S.: Why don’t they broadcast the U23 races of the World Cup? People want to see them as well, not only the U23 World Championships once a year! We should make a petition for it and hand it over to the UCI.

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