2017 Cyclocross World Cup #6 – Namur

2017 Cyclocross World Cup #6 – Namur

Namur always delivers. It’s a hard, technical course, a spectacular race every year. It didn’t disappoint today either. Tom Pidcock’s win wasn’t as sure as his previous ones seemed to be and that made the U23 race more exciting, we’ve had surprise winner in the women’s race and Wout Van Aert won with a big margin and brought back the hope of an exciting season – just in time before Kerstweek.

Oh, and two more things about the women’s race. Firstly, Evie Richards wasn’t really a surprise, more like a dark horse – she’s been quiet since she’s won the U23 World title back in 2016. Now, she’s back with a bang. The other matter is the length of the race. 38 minutes and change. That’s what the women were allowed to race today, four laps, lousy laps. Maths is not my forte, but it seems farcical that the race jury can’t follow the UCI regulation and announce lap numbers that allow the women to race at least 40 minutes. Why they can’t race for longer is a conversation for another day.

This was my last race before Christmas, so I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas – will be back in Zolder! And now I’m going to go and find my car 🙂

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