2017 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #5 – Scheldecross

2017 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #5 – Scheldecross

Someone stole my car today. It happened in Antwerp, right next to the Scheldecross course, from one of the designated car parks. As I was standing next to the empty parking space, where I had left my car a few hours before, I felt a strange sense of calm. Insurance will take care of it. Daniel, who I was supposed to take to the train station asked if I was sure I left the car there. Of course I was sure. Meh. We went back to the press centre.

Why would anybody steal a righthand-side drive car in Belgium? It didn’t make sense. But then again, some people are just evil.

Nico, the press officer of the race offered his help, he phoned the police. They confirmed that it wasn’t towed, so it must have been stolen. There is no other explanation for the car not being there. Nico hands over the phone and I start talking to the officer on the other end of the line. She had questions, like “What’s the reg plate of the car, make and model? Am I sure I remember correctly where I left the car?“, etc. She then promised to send a car at some point in the evening, which didn’t sound great. I felt that the Antwerp Police wasn’t taking this seriously enough, that they weren’t trying to help me in this hour of need. Idiots. Where is Poirot when you need him?

I’m feeling restless and I go back out, to check once more. Maybe someone just took it for a joyride and returned it already. I’m walking back to the car park – and that’s when it hits me. THAT’S NOT WHERE I LEFT THE CAR! I left it in an identical car park, 50 meters further up, at the bottom of an identical residential tower block. I ran there and there it was, my trusty Toyota. Who’s the idiot now? Waves of shame and relief flowed through me, I drove back to the press centre in my freshly recovered car and quickly explained who the real idiot was that night. Yours truly. After a round of apologies, we stormed off, Daniel had the catch his flight, after all. I calmed down by now, but I’m sure this story will haunt me for a while. Oh, and there was some bicycle racing happening before the above, too.

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