2017 Druivencross, Overijse

2017 Druivencross, Overijse

When I left my Belgian family’s home this morning, it was raining and it seemed like it was going to be a miserable, ugly day. By the time I reached Overijse, it was all covered in thin, but beautiful white snow and it just kept snowing. I was glad that I was up early and managed to catch at least one race with proper snow, because the forecast said the temperature would rise and it would all soon melt away. Which it did, the women raced in a snowy mush and for the men’s race, there was nothing much left at all. Just mud, in amazing quantities. And quite a bit of ended up on my gear – tomorrow will be the day of thorough cleaning of everything.

I am now attempting to get home, Eurotunnel just texted that there is a 90 minute delay at the moment, so who knows what time I’ll be able to go to sleep today. But hey, that is what the glamorous life of cyclocross photographers is like. Looking forward to what next weekend’s racing in Antwerp and Namur will be like.

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