2017 World Cup #5 – Zeven

2017 World Cup #5 – Zeven

The Zeven round of the cyclocross World Cup was a bit of a non-course last year, in the sense that the course didn’t really offer much excitement, it was a bog-standard, rather fast course and I didn’t expect it to be any different this time around. Luckily, it rained a fair amount the weeks before the race and it turned the otherwise not very exciting course into a spectacular mud bath. It might not have been much fun for poor mechanics, but it was great from our point of view.

Speaking of being selfish, I’m still rather upset about having again a podium girl in a summer dress. There has been plenty said whether podium girls are necessary or not (I don’t think they are), but to have someone dressed in the middle of winter, when the mercury is barely above zero, is a dickish move. Everybody else was nicely and warmly dressed up, apart from the poor woman, who was wearing said summer dress. How this is cool in anybody’s eyes is beyond me.

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