Julie Leth

Julie Leth

This is the second instalment of my series of short films about women cyclists. Julie was kind enough to let me and my friend, Sean Robinson to follow her around, she was very generous with her time, I would like to thank her for that. I also owe Sean lot for his help to make this video happen. I hope you enjoy it and if you like it, don’t forget to share it.

You can check out the first video with Christine Majerus here.

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    Logan Sholar

    Great video. I really enjoyed the mellowness of it. I know it’s way, way easier said than done, but longer videos would be great. If you could follow the rider on their favorite route and have them explain the different aspects of the route and why they like it. Just thinking out loud, but realizing that the last thing you need is advice from a stranger on how to do your job. Everything is fantastic as it is, thanks!

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