2017 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #2 – Koppenbergcross

2017 DVV Verzekeringen Trofee #2 – Koppenbergcross

I’ve chatted to many about the direction cyclocross is going these days, whether the Belgian scene is in decline, how long the domination will continue. But today, Koppenbergcross felt like a race of the old times: a mighty-hard course, plenty of loud spectators and great racing, that wasn’t predictable or formulaic.

What was even more exciting was that out of the four races, three ended with a British win! Sadly, I missed Ben Tullett’s win, but I enjoyed both Tom Pidcock’s and Helen Wyman’s exciting racing and clever wins. In light of them, sometimes I wonder what the sport could become in my chosen home country if the national governing body put some actual money/weight behind cyclocross…

This weekend will bring some well deserved time off, a talented photographer will cover the European championships in Tabor for me, expect some great photos on Monday!

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