2017 Superprestige #3 – Boom

2017 Superprestige #3 – Boom

Boom! Long time readers of this blog that one of the highlights of every season are new races. Having shot Koksijde seven or eight times, for example, I often find it difficult to find new angles on courses I have covered many times and thus I know intimately and therefore I always cherish new courses. Today was one of those days, when it felt like I had a blank canvas. Add sunshine to the mix and you get a good day. This is this season’s first ‘double weekend’, which means in my parlance, that there are two races on a weekend, which means Koksijde tomorrow. Let’s hope it won’t be cancelled like last year!

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    Sebastian Taege

    During the first laps it seemed to be an average race course, but when you sum up all its ingredients (tight turns, high speed straights, steep ramps, stairs, barriers and a bridge + sandpits) it had everything except mud. so it was the brilliant weather which caused it to be a clean & fast race with only minor struggles of the participants (e.g. van der Haar in a sandpit). Did you see what happened when van der Poel crashed? The TV broadcast did not catch it.


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