2017 DVV Verzekeringen trofee #1 – Ronse

2017 DVV Verzekeringen trofee #1 – Ronse

Ronse means the first Belgian cyclocross race for me this season and it did not disappoint. It is a terrific course and the racing was really great. During the women’s race, we saw an imposing Katie Compton, which was nice after her early season races were plagued by health issues. Winning her first race over here is definitely a good start.

The men’s race started interestingly and then it seemed it will be yet another Mathieu-Wout duel. So I was quite surprised that they were slowly pulled back by a small group and then even though they pulled away a lap or two later, they weren’t on their own. I managed to catch Lars van der Haar’s attack on the big screen and next time he rode past me, he had a considerable gap. Having him back in top form will definitely make the rest of the season more exciting.

Time to drive home, but I’m looking forward to next week’s Superprestige race in Zonhoven – one of my favourite courses!

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