2017 World Cup #2 – Trek CX Cup Photo Gallery

2017 World Cup #2 – Trek CX Cup Photo Gallery

When I think of the Trek CX Cup, I think of two things: hot weather and equal prize money. For me, these were the dominating features of this weekend. It was hot, proper, last-day-of-the-Giro-Rosa hot. But what was even more important was that for the first time ever, a World Cup race paid equal prize money to both the men and the women. It is a really development and maybe this means that we will have more and more World Cup races with equal prize money in future.

My short stint in the US came to an end, I’m flying home tomorrow evening. As I’ll be arriving on Tuesday, it will be a short week before I jump on the train to Amsterdam to shoot the first Superprestige race of the season in Gieten. America – it’s been great. Keep up the good work.

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