2017 World Cup #1 – Jingle Cross Photo Gallery

2017 World Cup #1 – Jingle Cross Photo Gallery

Shooting Jingle Cross today was hard. The first race of the season is always hard to shoot. During the women’s road season I get used to having a lot of time, you have three-four-five hours to make things happen. You kind a forget how hectic cyclocross is, especially the women’s race – only forty minutes, barely enough to scratch the surface.

It was a tough day and I’m not really happy about my shots but you can’t always win. Next week will be better. Tomorrow, I’m off to a little Midwestern road trip, driving through parts of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri, before I head back to Waterloo, WI for the second World Cup. If you have any tips what to see, please share it in the comments!

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