Waterproof Cover – the cycling photography podcast

Waterproof Cover – the cycling photography podcast

In my previous life, I worked in advertising. This was a good 10-12 years ago, so at the time we weren’t talking about social media, we called it web 2.0. I used to hold countless presentations and trainings about the incredible opportunities of online media in the early 2000s. One of the things I talked a lot about were podcasts.

Podcasts are one of the few online things that have been around for ages and we are still using them. The were dormant for a long time, but in the last couple of years, they have been enjoying a revival – I often entertain myself during those long hours in the car in Belgium with listening to my favourite podcasts. Istumbled upon Robin Moore’s excellent show, the No Filter Podcast a few months ago, where he talks to his peers, other National Geographic photographers. While it is a different area of photography, these interviews are immensely interesting. Be sure to check them out, if you are interested in photography, you will be entertained for long, long hours.

Long story short, upon listening to Moore’s podcast, I thought of my peers, the cycling photographers. We bump into each other every now and again, say hello, but we very rarely have the chance to sit down and talk in a relaxed setting. Most of us have an interesting story to tell and that gave me idea to start this podcast, the Waterproof Cover Podcast. I aim to sit down with best cycling photographers to hear their stories, how they ‘made it’, how they failed and everything else in between the two.

In the first episode, I sat down with my good friend, Kristof Ramon, you can listen to the episode here.

You can the podcast on Waterproof Cover Podcast on iTunes and Waterproof Cover Podcast on iTunes. Be sure to subscribe and rate it if you like it!

I hope you enjoy the podcast and please, let me know what you think.