2015 bpost bank trofee #4 – Essen Photos

2015 bpost bank trofee #4 – Essen Photos

I’ve got one word for today: STYBY!!! One of my favourite cyclists, 仕enek Stybar announced a few weeks ago, that he would ride today’s race. Even though he hasn’t raced cross for over a year, it was still weird to see him starting from the very end of the field. Nonetheless, it was good to see him racing and him living locally, there were plenty of fans around to cheer him on.

Tomorrow will be an equally cold day in Overijse, and with the most of the main contenders flying back to Spain, it will be interesting to see, who win the ‘mother of all crosses’. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow.

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    Nice to see Styby in muddy action again. Would love to see him racing CX more often, especially since his czech fellow countrymen disappeared from the top ten world class. Hoping Boros as well as Toupalik will be able to close the gap to the top places some day. Btw, thank you very much for the great pics!

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