2013 Druivencross, Overijse

2013 Druivencross, Overijse

Overijse always delivers. For reasons not entirely known to me, it is not a particularly well known race, it’s not on even ‘cross afficinados’ watch list. Yet this race constantly amazes me with great racing, great crowds and wonderful track.

It is also one of the oldest races, with a lot of tradition. The course mostly remains unchanged, but every year they shake up things a little bit. Nothing major but enough to make it interesting and to make finding new angles a bit easier.

I don’t know about actual numbers, but because at the middle of the course the people are crammed into a small area, even if just a few thousand people are standing there, they can create an amazing atmosphere. The fact that the course snaked through the same area three or four times also helped to keep the folks engaged and in good mood.

Today’s race fit into the pattern of this season’s other races and we’ve seen exciting racing throughout the hour. First it was Micki van Empel who animated the race, then Kevin Pauwels tried his best to turn his luck around. Van Empel faded quickly but Pauwels might be onto something as he managed to grab a podium place and at no point did he lose contact with the front of the race. Maybe we’re going to see a resurgence that Niels Albert showed in the last few weeks?

There is going to be a bit of a lull in the next two weeks, I’m staying in London next weekend, will celebrate have a pre-Christmas with my girlfriend and then I will be back for the first race of the crazy and exciting Christmas week: GP Rouwmoer in Essen.

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  1. 1

    van empel who animated the race?? for about 5 seconds.. pauwels for 1 lap
    no words about nys who did most of the work an that killer downhill in the final lap.
    nice pictures btw (as always)

    • 2

      Danny, you are right. To be honest with you, I often don’t see much from the race as I see most things through the viewfinder and sometimes I don’t even SEE who it is, just trying to keep the composition of the frame right.
      Sometimes just a moment burns into my memory and later, when I do these short write-ups, I rely on these, as I haven’t got access to the full footage of the race. I do remember seeing Van Empel at the front in the first or second lap and that stuck – probably because you never see him there.

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