World Cup #8 – Hoogerheide

In terms of the outcome, it was the most interesting race of the season and in terms of energy, I’m on my last reserves. After having had battled the roads of Belgium and France for over six hours yesterday and then trying to get around with a train in the snow-stricken England drained me completely, even though I had the best support crew in the world who provided me with chat and the best cakes and cookies of the world.

To make matters worse (in a sense), I’m flying to the US for almost two weeks on Wednesday, so there are a mountain of things that need to be sorted before I leave. So apologies, but I couldn’t write a proper report or captions. On the upside, in a little more than 24 hours I’ll be on my way to Houston. I’ll spend a few days there with friends of mine and then I’ll be flying up to Cincinnati to cover the Cincinnati Kings International. Then a short lull before the biggest show of the year: the World Championships in Louisville. Can’t wait – see you there!


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