Superprestige #6 – Diegem

Superprestige #6 – Diegem

So this is it. The last race of the year. Not that there is going to be any pause – we’re back in action on Tuesday, the first day of the New Year.

It’s been a worthy last race: really, really bad weather, tough racing, large crowds and the floodlights made the race special, from a visual point of view.

As always, the women’s race was held at a silly-early time and me, being the slacker I am, I just missed it, but I’ve heard that Katerina Nash was the winner. How lame of me. Another Mathieu van deer Poel win at the juniors didn’t surprise anybody while Mike Theunissen’s U23 win opens the category as wide as ever.

The others fought hard but Niels Albert remained the elite men king of Diegem for another year. I’m off now for a lovely dinner with Kristof Ramon and Emily Maye but there will be one more update this year: a ‘Best of 2012’ gallery, so keep an eye out for it tomorrow!


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    Hey Balint,

    great shots as always. But what I really dislike is that you don’t have captions anymore. Or not as many as in the last year.

    • 2

      Arvid, I know, I got a bit sloppier. I’m trying hard but sometimes there just isn’t enough time. But thanks for the feedback, I will try to be more consistent.

    • 8

      Ronne, Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t know what happened to him. He must have had some problems from the get go because he was dead last in the first lap, which is most unusual for him.
      Happy New Year to you, too!

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