Soudal Classics – Leuven

[one_half]Sometimes everything works against you. The race on Sunday at Leuven was great, a very challenging course and it should have been relatively easy to shoot but the use of flash was almost essential as it is getting darker sooner and sooner. Only my trusted Pocket Wizards stopped working half way into the elite men’s race, leaving me frustrated and annoyed as I couldn’t really crank my 1D MkIIs over ISO800.[/one_half][one_half_last]The icing on the cake was the slow internet at the press centre and the accident at Zaventem that forced me to drive through Brussels in peak traffic. That being said, I’m quite happy with a few of my photos and I’ve sorted out the problems with the Pocket Wizards, so I’m all set for the long and intense Christmas cross week that starts this Saturday at Essen.[/one_half_last]

There was a short but very steep drop in the course. There were a few near crashes during the training laps, including Klaas Vantornout.

Lars van der Haar zips past

The elite women are just about to start

It was a great day for Amy Dombroski, who finished 2nd, her best result this season so far.

Sanne Cant led the race from the start without ever looking back. Apart from the last few meters.

Mo Bruno Roy, her legs and a muddy bike

The famous Sunweb undressing spectacle – this little dude made an unsuccessful attempt to get the bikini off the girl.

Right before the riders rode through the pits, there was a massive electronic bilboard and emitted a lot of light, so I got interesting lighting, without reaching into my bags for my flash.

A clean bike awaits Klaas Vantornout

Kevin Pauwels showed good form

Niels Albert did a ‘Sven Nys’, snuck away from the rest of the field and rode the race in his own pace.

Bart Wellens miscalculates the aforementioned descent and the following corner but he managed to stay in the saddle.

Niels Wubben wasn’t that lucky, he crashed into the course-side padding. A lap later, Klaas Vantornout crashed there, catapulting straight into the sea of spectators. I haven’t seen this many crashes during the elite men’s race for a very long time.

Tom Meeusen and his great, always concentrating facial expressions are back!

Sven Nys’ biggest canine fan

A lucky coincident, when my panning move coincided with someone’s flash popping

The gap between Albert and the second Pauwels was 30′ and Nys was another 22′ behind Pauwels

We haven’t seen him like this much this season.

Great ride from Wietse Bosmans, who was the best ‘beloften’ rider. Plus points for the thousand yard stare


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