Superprestige #4 – Gieten

While I hate to admit when I am wrong, today I’m more than happy to admit that I was wrong. I was expecting a rubbish day on a boring course, no crowds and yet another Nys/Vos show. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Given that this was Marianne Vos’ first cyclocross race this season and this was her home turf, spectators turned up in surprisingly large numbers. So even though the women started silly early, the race actually had some atmosphere.

What was even cooler was when the fans surrounded Wyman and Vos after the medal ceremony and bombarded them with autograph requests. You don’t see that everyday in Belgium after the women’s race.

The other exciting aspect was that Helen Wyman beat Vos fair and square. Now, you can say that Vos has only started the season but I really hope that this year we’ll see a bit more balanced racing and not just a Vos soloing to victory.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like Vos, she is a great rider and a lovely person, it’s just the races were bit dull last year. With so many great riders around this year, hopefully it will be more challenging for her.

The elite men’s race finally brought a win for Klaas Vantornout and that made me very happy. He is the ultimate domestique, the only problem is that there is no such thing in cyclocross, where team tactics rarely matter. He’s been around like forever and he’s never been a prolific winner. I do remember an interview with him when Kevin Pauwels joined Sunweb-Revor and he said that it was a great relief for him that the pressure is now not on him to win but on Pauwels.

This season, however, he turned out to be the stronger rider of the two them and he’d come painfully close to win a race few times. Today he did it. It was close, he kind of sat up in the last few meters and Sven Nys almost managed to surprise him, but he managed to cross the line first. No fourth shower head for Sven Nys then, though he still leads the overall by a figurative mile.

All in all, it was a good day, a lot of heavy wind, some rain and a fair amount of sunshine in the afternoon, great racing, worthy winners – what else do you need?

Now it’s a long drive back to Rotterdam to see a friend and then back to London tomorrow. Next week’s program is the World Cup in Roubaix, a race I’m really looking forward to, so stay tuned for more next weekend!

An unusual sight – Marianne Vos digging deep to keep up with someone.

By the last lap, the gap between Wyman and Vos was substantial.

Cuteness alert!

Helen Wyman gives autographs.

Everbody wants a piece of Marianne Vos

Jens Adams and Tijmen Eising ride together in the first lap of the U23’s race

There were six jet washes but only four were operational, so there was a lot of fighting going on get the job done and clean the bikes in time for the next pass of the riders

Wout Van Aert

Niels Albert, in a friendly mood minutes before the call up

Though it rained all morning, it stopped during the U23 race and even the sun came out for the elite men’s race

Vincent Baestans tries to photobomb my image of Gerben de Knegt

To say that the wind was strong is an understatement

Gear porn: Niels Albert’s pimp TRP brakes with some water vapor

Lars van der Haar

Klaas Vantornout

This photo was taken seconds before Bart Aernouts tries to take me out

This is where it all looked good and most people thought that it was a done deal, as Vantornout was leading by a few bike-lengths. But note, that Nys had already started sprinting

One shall not underestimate Sven Nys. With 200 meters to go, he went for it and tried to pip the already soft-pedalling Vantornout

But he couldn’t. Note in the background Sunweb-Revor’s team manager Jurgen Mettepenningen’s fist in the air

Vantornout and his first major win in this season. Or in last season, for that matter. I don’t like podium shots but I had to include, because of Vantornout. Good job!


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    One word for the story+photo report. E-P-I-C. Klaas & Bart Aernouts are much stronger this season… hoping the same for Tommeke! Lars van der Haar, a delight to see him charges in the field. May I ask what ‘The Cannibal of Baal’ was doing in that last pic? (Good that you were able to shoot this as well).

  2. 7

    I have this funny habit of trying to find the right words after each of your posts… But I always end up with WOW WOW WOW. This is such a spectacular sport!

  3. 9
    Peter L BROOKES Brueton parkrunner

    Great photos – thanks
    Would loved to have been there but a bit of stretch from Birmingham UK
    Watched full race on live stream – you have captured the atmosphere & the personalities so well – nice work 🙂

    • 10

      Thanks, Peter. Gieten is very faaaaaar, even from London. I’ve spent seven hours in the car today. But I’m glad you liked the photos.

  4. 13
    Jens Dekker

    Hi, Balint. Nice pics, as usual. I rode in Gieten with the ‘nieuwelingen’, and quite funny: On the fourth photo, the boy Whyman is gining an autograph is my little brother.

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