Superprestige #3 – Hamme-Zogge

[one_half]I always forget how important it is to arrive with an open mind to each and every race. Last night I was complaining to someone about the lack of distinctive features at the Hamme-Zogge course.

But the organisers provided me with a nice surprise as the course was different from last year’s. It’s quite rare that they change the course and I loved it because a new course means new angles.

It still isn’t the most exciting venue in the calendar but the sunshine in the morning allowed me to take a few nice shots of the women, who were rightfully upset about having the start in an ungodly hour.[/one_half][one_half_last]The men’s race was almost boring, Sven Nys time trialled to yet another win in the last 30 minutes, but Lars van der Haar and Niels Albert’s battle for the second place saved the day. Nys’ win means that he’s won ALL Superprestige races this year, quite an impressive feat.

No captions today, unfortunately, I left my phone in Kortrijk this morning, which means an earlier than expected departure so I can make a detour to pick the phone up. Hope you enjoyed the race and don’t forget, you can now order my special, exclusive cyclocross-themed Christmas cards![/one_half_last]


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