Book update – the index

After publishing the first book, I was trying to get feedback from as many people as possible. On of the recurring themes was an index – those who are not entirely familiar with the riders and don’t necessarily know who is who, an index could prove useful.

So I took their advice and I have included an index of the riders in my new book. It will help you to find out who the rider is on a given page and what race was the photo taken at. It was a quick job to add it but hopefully it will make the book more useful, more enjoyable.

And while you’re at it, you can still pre-order the book! It’s only 34.99 plus free shipping, only until the end of the week!

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    Hello Balint,
    Nice the index in the new book. But do you also have some information about your photo equipment ?

    greetz Huub

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