Superprestige #7 – Hoogstraaten

And I thought yesterday was cold… My hands were freezing, the cold found its way in at my collar and kneepads were slipping down constantly. On the other hand we saw some great racing and Tom Meeusen ruled today once again.

The frozen ground made the race fast but difficult – but it was quite a spectacle to see and especially hear these guys riding. On the fast and rocky descents it was almost painful to hear how the wheels and the tyres were trying desperately to cope with the terrain.

Tom Meeusen managed to pull off another win, just 24 hours after his first one in the season – when you get into the habit of winning… Sven Nys is comfortably sitting on the top of the Superprestige classification and the always smiling Thijs Al also had a great day and it could have been even better had he not smash his rear wheel into pieces during the race.

There is only two more races to go, the end of the season is nigh which makes me a bid sad I love every second of the races, that being said I’m looking forward to spending a few weekends doing nothing. But that’s a bit still further away as I have to finish the book which you can now pre-order. The super-creative title is ‘Cyclocross 2011/2012‘ and you can find the very best photos of the season, 35 races on 220 pages, hardcover, the works. If you pre-order now, you not only get €5 off and free shipping worldwide but you also help me to keep this blog running and keep the photos coming next season! Thanks!