GVA #2 – Ronse

GVA #2 – Ronse

Single-race weekends are not easy – it doesn’t make sense to make into a multi-day trip, so after the race, I have to drive back to London.

That being said, I really liked the course at Ronse. It’s a reasonably new course and it is a great one. It’s fairly short and compact and certain parts of the course are on the top of a small hill, which offers great overview of the race for the spectators. For us, photographers, it was also quite easy to get around and it was easy to follow what was happening. In the absence of the women’s and the top of the U23’s field, the attention almost entirely focused on the elite men, who didn’t disappoint.

It was another victorious day for the ever so strong Kevin Pauwels, Zdenek Stybar tried to stop him, but to now avail, Pauwels comfortably followed Stybar until the sprint finish, while Niels Albert frantically tried to close the gap but to no avail.

Sadly, Bart Wellens had to quit the race as he didn’t feel well and he is now being examined in a hospital, he is likely to miss the Jaarmarktcross on Friday. Get well soon, Bartje!












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